Graziella Boutique S.r.l. reserves its right to use the personal data voluntarily provided by users, in compliance with the norms in force (artt. 13 and ss. D. Lgs. 196/2003). Graziella Boutique S.r.l. guarantees that the treatment of the users’ personal data shall only be used in strict connection and correlation with the performance of one’s own services, and with the facilitation and management of the website and the handling of the orders. The data voluntarily provided by users shall not be communicated nor transmitted to third parties. In case of payment by credit card, the information (charge/debit card, expiry date, pin code) shall be sent to the authority in charge of the treatment, or in case to companies in charge of fraud control, through cryptographic protocol, without third parties being able to access in any way. No matter how, this information shall never be accessed nor memorised by the seller. Graziella Boutique S.r.l. takes appropriate security measures in order to reduce to the bare minimum the risk of destruction or loss of data, of unauthorised access or treatment, or treatment not pursuant to the collection purposes indicated in our Privacy Policy. Nevertheless, it cannot guarantee to its users that the measures implemented for the security of both the website and the website data and information transmission can limit or exclude any risk of unauthorised access or spread of data by devices belonging to the users. For such a reason, we recommend the users of our website to make sure that their own computer is provided with suitable software for the protection of data transmission on the web and that their own Internet provider has taken adequate measures for the protection of data transmission on the web.